Monday, May 05, 2008

Hugh Laurie & other TV notes.


y imaginary BF is going to be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. WHEEEEEEEEEE! Watch it.

Dexter's season finale last night was AWESOME! Does anyone know how many seasons of that show that there have been? I think I might buy Season 1 on DVD. It would be nice if they played Season 2 on CBS next year, but I don't know...

I'm also going to buy George Lopez "Why you crying?" on DVD. I've seen it several times, but I LOVE IT. I recorded it Saturday night & watched it again. I also recorded his new one "America's Mexican" (or whatever) last night but I haven't been able to watch it yet. I was WORN OUT from all of yesterday's activity.

This week's Song of the Week is "La Raza" by Kid Frost. First, because he's Mexican and G Lo kept talking about la raza Saturday night (See? It makes sense when you connect the dots) and second, when my mother's other daughter was still my sister, she was best friends with Kid's sister (so she knew him too) when we lived in New Mexico. So it's a little shout out to one of my old "razas". Where I had my first BFs. The "older man" who was about 6'4" and used to let me stand on his feet while he walked me home (I was 4) and the one who brought me candy on Valentine's Day and I said thanks and slammed the door in his face (We were in Pre-K together.). :-)

That is all. I must go watch the crap I slept through last night, LOL.

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