Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why I hate Oprah


es, I know that hate is a strong word.

What I feel about Oprah goes beyond the intense dislike that I feel for celebs like Britney Spears, Tom Cruise & Halle Berry, though.

First, I get SO SICK of white people telling me that I remind them of Oprah. She IS NOT the only intelligent & well spoken black woman in the world. But she's what comes to their minds. I'm sure they think it's a compliment.

But I equate it to the bigots who say "Nigger" 75 times a day and then turn around and tell me that I'm "not really black" so when they say "Nigger", it doesn't apply to me.

In addition, I think I am much hotter on my WORST day (flu, snot running out of my nose & sporting a black eye) than Oprah is on her BEST day.

The bitch is ugly.

Most importantly, I think that the Oprah Show is really just the "Church of Oprah". She doesn't have fans. She has disciples.

Grown women lose their minds when they see her. They act like a bunch of tweens at a Hannah Montana concert.

The woman has too much power & influence over a large part of the world population.

The ONLY reason I don't want her to die is because I think TV would become All Oprah, All the time. Worse than the massive Britney Spears Chaos. Worse than when Princess Diana died.

They'll erect a statue of her at Harpo Studios & fans will leave flowers & sob into the camera about how we've lost the closest thing to Jesus on earth.

I HATE OPRAH SO MUCH it's not even funny.

And just in case you were wondering, I got on this topic because someone at JJHF thought I loved Oprah.

Me - No you didn't. That's not funny.
She - For real!

I thought EVERYBODY knew how much I despise that woman.

I just had to clear that up.

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