Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday, May 4


went to Evan's band concert yesterday...

My honest opinion? I don't remember being that bad when I first started, LOL. I started when I was 9 & Evan is almost 13. I'm sure I can't remember that far back. I do remember one concert in 6th grade where we sounded awesome during practice, but then at the actual performance the brass section skipped 16 bars or something and all of us woodwinds were looking around at each other like "WTF???". We were really disappointed in ourselves.

Anyway, after Evan's "Beginner" band played their 6 30 second songs, the "Intermediate" band came out and played 4 60 second songs. They didn't sound any different than the beginner band to me. Except only 6 kids showed up, all clarinets & so they had to have someone from the Varsity band play drum. HE kept time. The clarinets were playing too slow. So he tried to slow down to keep up with them.

I was DONE.

I went to sit in the car. Then the Varsity (High School) band played. They were awesome. I heard some Glen Miller's "In the Mood", they played a cartoon theme song medley. I recognized "Flinstones" and "Jetsons" and some other ones that I couldn't name. Then they played a Prime Time TV Medley where I recognized "Bewitched", that show where they took a 3 hour tour that lasted for years, some other ones that I recognized but couldn't name.

The Varsity Band is excellent. I can't wait for Evan to be in HS so I can see him play at Football games & whatnot and NOT have to listen to the beginners and the so called "intermediates".

Evan is officially an intermediate now.


After that, we went to MD's to fix her some Teriyaki ribs, real mashed taters & broccoli. She's on a low salt diet and she expressed a preference for margarine instead of real butter, so the taters were not as good as the ones I made with the meatloaf. But I brought some French Fried Onions to put on top of the taters & that helped.

She told me all about her ambulance ride. She insisted that she was NOT going to go to the county hospital, she wanted to go to the city hospital. They said she'd have to sign a waiver or something because they aren't supposed to pass one hospital by to go to another one & that she'd have to pay for the extra mileage. She said "I will pick up cans on the side of the highway if I have to to pay the bill, I am not going to County Hospital!" (As IF. If she can afford a Dyson without waiting for an Income Tax Refund, she can afford a damned ambulance ride. BTW, she told me that in her will she's leaving me the Dyson along with the silver jewelry I've already claimed. Yay. Now I just have to wait another 30 years to get my Dyson, LOL.) & how she squeezed the eff out of the paramedics' hands when they had to stick her 5 times to find a vein.

She told me that some doctor in the ER kept pressing really hard on her chest and asking if it hurt. She finally punched him when he pressed too hard and he said "oooo kkkk. I guess that hurt." She told him "My chest didn't hurt until you started pressing on it like that!"

She told me how she was hooked up to all kinds of machines and she had to go to the bathroom. They kept her waiting too long, she called them back every 10 minutes or so & finally she just unhooked herself from everything & then they showed up to take her to the bathroom.

Then they moved her to a room. One of the doctors told a nurse "Do not leave her alone!" & MD kept asking her to call her son. The girl kept saying "I'm not supposed to leave you." MD had to go to the bathroom again & she said "She was NOT following me into the bathroom!" so she went in there & locked the door. The girl went to the adjoining room & got there at about the time that MD had finished. Then, instead of just walking through the bathroom, she went back out into the hall to come back to MD's room. So she said "Well, you've already left the room so why can't you take a few more steps to call my son?"

She did.

While MD was in the hospital, my SIL (She and my brother are "separated" AGAIN.) and Bro came to see her & my mother told her that it was a shame she had to be in the hospital to get a visit from her. Then when my older niece brought her younger sister, she told her the same thing. They (My SIL & 2 nieces) only visit my mother at Christmas. For their presents. I mean, I understand. If I'd been treated the way my SIL had been treated by MD, I'd avoid her too. (In reality, I've been treated worse, but...I'm related to the woman, LOL.)

(I'll tell you about my 19 year old niece and her 29 year old jealous & potentially abusive boyfriend some other time.)

She also let me know that they had to "shave" her for one of the tests & that the doctor had told her to wear loose clothing for a few days so she wasn't wearing any underwear under her house dress.

Me - I really didn't need to know that.

So anyway, we stayed from about 3:30 to 7:30. (Evan stayed outside jumping on the trampoline almost the entire time.) She enjoyed dinner. She had had someone bring her dinner every night since she got home. I told her I'd make the meatloaf for her next time I felt like cooking. Maybe September. ;-p I also told her that since school is almost over (13 working days *sob) that Evan can stay with her for a couple of weeks & take care of her since he knows how to use the microwave, put stuff in the oven & take it out, knows when to flip a pancake & do the laundry that she wouldn't have to do much.

She didn't buy it. :-)

Apparently, she'd felt chest pain while she was at the dentist. The receptionist (who has known her for years) made her promise to go to the Dr as soon as she left the dentist's office. She even called her at home later in the day to make sure she had gone. She hadn't. She actually waited 2 days before going to her regular doctor. I gave her a lecture.

Me - Look, we're black. We (I kept saying "we" so she wouldn't take offense) don't eat like we should. We need to take any and all chest pain seriously. You should not have waited. You should have gone directly to your doctor or the ER.
MD - I know. I already got this lecture from your sister, your brother, my brother, my mother, my doctor, etc.
Me - Good.
MD - So if it happens again in 50 years I will go directly to the doctor and not wait.

Then I asked her if she'd heard that Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon had gotten married.

Me - I don't get it. I didn't like 20 year olds when I was 20.
MD - Well, shoot. If I met a nice 50 or 60 year old, I'd date him.
Me - I don't think of you as being as old as you are, you still look 45 to me (she does) so when you say 50 or 60 I'm thinking "Duh!"
MD - Well, when you get older, you'll start looking at younger men differently. I know I'm not dating some 75 year old man!
Me - I'm too young to date a younger man. Younger for me would be 25. Hell to the NO!


I feel like I have 1,000,006 things to tell you but this post is already too long, LOL.

Maybe I'll just post 17 times today. ;-)


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