Monday, November 26, 2007

Changed it!

As you can see, I've changed the appearance of my blog to get into the whole winter season.


I finally figured out how to keep my background fixed and only the part you actually read scrolls. Yay! But I don't know why that white bar appears across the top and I've given up trying to fix it.

**Update 3:08 AM** How retarded is it that I figure this out when most normal people are sleeping??? All I had to do was change one thing. DUH, LOL.

I got the background to stop repeating with help from the JJHF peeps. I had been trying to do a Hugh Laurie background (dur) but I decided that I didn't want newcomers to think this blog was all about Hugh Laurie.

Because it isn't.


I might not keep this that long, LOL!

There were a lot of Christmas related backgrounds that I really liked. But this one is good for winter. :-)

Other Bidness:

Blog of the Week - For the past 2 weeks or whatever, I've been looking for more interesting blogs on the weekend, just haven't found any...

Feedjit - I'm loving that widget! I think it's so interesting to see how people end up here.

That post "Boys II Men has a new CD" gets a lot of random visitors.

Some Delphi people are visiting and NOT COMMENTING. (losers) I assume they're from forums other than JJHF that I visit and post something that makes them wonder "Who the hell is this??". HA!

And I've noticed my Makoto Nagano post gets a visit every week. Odd. But even Mommy Dearest agrees that he's hot. :-)

You can look, ladies, but he's MINE! I have a crush on each continent. They're off limits!!!

That is all.
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