Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Makoto Nagano

He is so fucking hot.

He's on "Ninja Warrior" on the G4 network. He's only the second man to EVER complete all four stages (on the ones I've seen).

Ninja Warrior is all about upper body strength. If you watch the show, you'll see how much he kicks ass. On the one we saw today, he completed the first stage in 49.3 seconds. Most people take at least 60 seconds, if they finish at all.

Today, my admiration for Nagano turned to a full on crush.

Evan and I started watching Ninja Warrior last year sometime. It's exciting. And I really admire the way all the competitors seem to root for each other. Which is odd to me. If I were competing, I would root for everyone else to suck, LOL.

Since I know it gets on Evan's nerves/grosses him out, I started saying stuff

Me - There's my man!
He - Shut up
Me - He's so hotttttt.
He - He's probably shorter than you (He is. I just checked. He's 5'3".)
Me - Did you see the way he pulled himself up that rope? With just his arms? He went so fast it's like they were pulling him up!
Me - They should just have a Makoto Nagano show. With him climbling ropes with his shirt off.
Me - It makes me happy just looking at him.
He - So if you got your leg cut off, and then you saw him, would it make you happy?
Me - It would probably make me forget about the pain.
He - What if I died.
Me - It would probably make me forget my grief.
He - 2 minutes after I died?
Me - *Sigh* It's not likely that I'll lose my leg and my son AND see Makoto Nagano all within a few minutes, Evan.
He - I thought you liked House
Me - They're in different countries! They don't have to know about each other!
He - Neither one of them even know you exist.
Me - Shut up.

Why's he such a drag? Why can't he just let me crush on men without trying to burst my bubble?

Here's a video of when Nagano won Ninja Warrior. It's in Japanese. No subtitles. His hair is NOT hot in this video, but whatever.

They haven't started showing this in America yet. This is, apparently, the new second stage for 2007. WOW. I can't WAIT to see this here.

In this video, you can really see how the competitors are rooting for each other. How disappointed they are when one of their friends doesn't make it.

The guy in the orange pants is a fireman. I can't remember his name. But fisherman Makoto Nagano looks like he was patting him on the butt before the fireman's turn. It's ok. I still lust for him, LOL. (I can't wait to hear what Evan has to say after he sees this tomorrow.)

No Longer Available. :-(

This one shows how fast my man is. He's going against "Mr. Ninja Warrior". I don't know why they call him that since he's never won.

No Longer Available. :-(

Update: 3/25/08 Apparently, the original videos I posted are no longer available, so I've added a "Tribute" fan vid & links something else. :-)

Nagano on Viking

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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