Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally, winter weather!!


ow I just have to remember to leave the water dripping so that the pipes won't freeze.

Ok, I entered a blog contest @ Joe Tech's Blog and I won 1000 EC credits from I don't even remember when I entered it...

I also got a blog award from Abby @ The (Gradually) Shrinking Violet.

That was nice and really unexpected because 1) she's never commented (if you have, forgive me for my forgetfulness) and 2) I don't remember seeing her EC in my drops inbox. Of course, I'm sure I don't return drops on everyone who drops on me, but I really try to after visiting my favorite blogs.

The rules for this award are as follows:
#1 You must link back to the person you received the award from.
#2 You have to nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of this award!

Um...10 blogs? I don't know about 10 blogs, LOL.

I'll just nominate the ones that always make me laugh or smile or think and generally make my day better after I visit their blog. Most importantly, they update regularly unlike Monique, who has abandoned her readers...kidding, not really, but yeah. I know real life gets in the way for people who actually have lives. :-)

In no particular order:

Daddy Papersurfer
She Lives
Amy Oops
Pregnant with Cancer
Hey Shae!
Wanna Smile

That is all!

I am going to change the channel from the Tales from the Darkside marathon on Sci-fi to something that I can actually sleep through. The 80s score is too distracting. I just had a mini dream that I had to use the bathroom and one of the sheets from my bed was in the toilet in which The Boy had shat and not flushed...

Oh yeah, I've been watching new shows too. Daddy's Girls, Chopped, and Ultimate Recipe Showdown. Maybe I'll write about them tomorrow if I have nothing else to blog about. :-)

Das Ende

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