Thursday, January 15, 2009

She's supposed to take ME to the hospital!


uess where I was at 11 pm last night?

At the ER with Mommy Dearest. She was in a lot of pain.

So I woke Evan up and we went to the ER.

Stayed until 1 am.

I had to go to the mart of Wal at 8 am to get her prescription filled.

She didn't sleep at all last night after we got home because the shot they gave her didn't work. Neither did the prescription that I filled this morning.

So then we went to her regular doctor at 2 pm & back to Wal-Mart to get another prescription.

She's still in pain. :-(

I hope she gets better tonight.

So she can remember that I'm the one who's supposed to call in the middle of the night for a ride to the ER! ;-)

I was nice all night and day.


Until after she took us to Long John Silver's for dinner & I was trying to buckle my seat belt (after buckling hers) and she's all "Do you have it facing the right way?"

I have to jab my seatbelt in multiple times before it finally catches, sometimes.

Sometimes it acts like it caught, then in the middle of driving, it just unbuckles.

She - I don't know what you know.


Apparently I can only be...empathetic for so many hours per day and we finally reached my quota @ 5:13 pm, LOL.

Anyway, I think that was enough togetherness for the rest of the month.

Thursday is the day that Evan goes to my brother's house to play Wii after school.

So as soon as it was 3:30, he's like "Can we go see if Uncle is still at work? Are you going to drop me off? Can he pick me up?"

So after dinner, I said "Call your uncle and ask him if you're still coming over today."

Evan - Hi. I'm at Long John Silver's, can you come pick me up?
Me & MD - NO! Tell him we'll be home in 15 minutes and to pick you up at Nana's house.


I know he was eager to go play, but Jesus, LOL. "Can you come pick me up at a restaurant instead of my house or Nana's house where you usually pick me up because I'm too impatient to get away from these women who keep telling me to open the door for Nana to actually think about what I'm saying??"


He's on the verge of PMS all the time now, I swear.

Before he got all teenagery on me, I'd tell him "I don't know where your attitude is coming from, but go upstairs and get over it. Don't come back downstairs until you do!"

Now he stomps off before I can even ask "What's wrong now?" so I just let him go.


OMG. I haven't watched anything on my DVR. I'm out!

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