Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol SUCKS this season

I'm so OVER American Idol. I don't know if I'll ever watch it again.


Because I LOVE the auditions.

But this season has been total crap.

Melinda is gone. I didn't really like her singing, but she IS better than Blake on his best day and her worst.

The Sanjaya thing went on too long.

The people voting are idiots.

What the hell?

I bought CDs by Ruben, Fantasia and Elliot (his new BIG teeth freak me out, LOL). I will not be buying a CD by anyone from this season.


Anyway, after I watched "Notes from the Underbelly" to get over my pissosity about American Idol, I started visiting my favorite blogs. When I got to Hits & Mythses, I saw this:

Wheeeeeeee! I love seeing my blog in that Criteo (or whatever) blog roll. He's always the top link on mine. I don't know how they decide whose blog appears on there, but it's the first time I've seen my blog.

I know it's appearing on other blogs because I've seen the stats. I've gotten some visitors from that. (HI!)

I was really disappointed in House this week. Last week was SUCH a good show. Yesterday was just so-so. I'm over the Foreman thing. I don't care if he leaves. Just stop drawing it out.


I must have PMS.

I know because Hugh and I had an argument (in my head).

And my back is killing me.

And everything is pissing me off.

Sunday I stopped by Mommy Dearest's house so that Evan could give her the Mother's Day cards, flowers & the drawings he did for her of Al Green (He gave me 2 drawings of Hugh Laurie. He's so sweet. Evan - not Hugh, I'm still mad at him.)


She gave me some religious card...

I'm not a religious person.

I believe in God. But I also believe He's going to send me to Hell so he's not my friend.

WTF was she thinking?

It was like

I can't even explain it.

It was the kind of card I would have expected from a Jehovah's Witness.

I'd tell you what it said but I set in on fire in the middle of the pentagram I drew on my back porch.

Does she know me at ALL???


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