Thursday, May 17, 2007

Free Samples

I go to the Freebie Sites (see my sidebar) about every other day and order free samples for myself, Mommy Dearest & Evan.

I might go a week without getting any, and then get several the same day.


Here's what I got today:

Caress Exotic Oil Infusions

I got the Moroccan one. It stinks. Ew. I'll try it IF I run out of every other body wash in the house, including Evan's man scented ones.

Today I took a BATH (I usually take showers) and tried this:

Dove Cream Oil
I got Cherry Blossom & Almond. It's not scented that strongly, which is good. Because I like smelling like my Lavender & Chamomile lotion.

So, I assumed it was just like all other body washes. I squeezed about a peanut M&M sized dollop on my squishy bath thingee. That was all I needed. For my entire body.

It's SOOOOOOOOOO rich. I love it! The lather was so thick.

Normally after a shower/bath I apply lotion and have to re-apply after an hour or two because my skin's so dry. It's been about 5 hours now and I still haven't had to reapply my lotion. So that's great! Plus the sample bottle is just under 2 ounces but I only used that one dollop so I can use it again and again before I have to think about buying some, LOL. Plus I got coupons. :-)

And I got:

Coromega Original Orange Omega 3
Omega 3 fatty acids (found naturally in fish & I don't know what else) is supposed to be really good for your skin. Or something. I don't really pay attention to stuff like that, LOL.

You can add it to yogurt (which I don't have), orange juice (which screws with my stomach) or you can just take it.

So I cut the top off of the little package and tasted it. It tasted like orange. Cool.

So then I squeezed my eyes closed and sucked it all out into my mouth.

Almost threw up.

Swallowed it.

It didn't taste bad. It tasted like Orange Sherbet. But the texture is like mayonnaise. Or something. I don't like the texture. I won't be using the coupons they sent along with the sample to buy any because you're supposed to take one a day.

I'd rather eat fish. I like fish. And the texture of fish doesn't make me want to vomit. :-)

In the past week I've gotten so many samples I can't remember them all. Bar soap (which I never use and only have on hand if I'm too lazy to go to the store and buy body wash), shampoo, allergy medication, etc.

I LOVE freebies.

It's like Christmas every day checking the mailbox to see what I'm going to get!

Last week Mr. Evan Lastname got a sample of Dunhill cologne. He loved the way it smelled. Most men's cologne smells the same to me, so whatever. But he enjoyed getting mail with HIS name on it. :-)

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