Sunday, August 01, 2010

Growing up Twisted

Feeling Normal


his week, after seeing Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister fame) on The Wendy Williams show, I decided to check out his new reality show on A&E (Tuesdays at 10/9c).

The quick and dirty review is that they are the Osbournes without the addiction problems or yelling.


There is a lot of crying.

Mama starts to cry when she thinks one of her kids has gotten a tattoo because it's "so white trash"

The 13 year old girl throws a fit when they take apart her rusty trampoline for their granddaughter's christening.

Dee Snider & FamilyMama cries after she realizes that removing the tat of Dee's name from her shoulder really hurt him, so she gets another tat.

The oldest son cries when he sings to his baby at the christening. (It was emotional. I even teared up a bit.)

Um, I'm sure there was more crying.

The kids are totally disgusted by the fact that after 34 years, their parents still have sex and their mother dyes her pubic hair.

Son A - Mom, who does this? No one even has pubic hair anymore!
Dee - That's something new. The old schoolers all have pubic hair.

They're a funny family. And, as Dee said on Wendy, none of his 4 kids have been arrested for DUI or gone to rehab.

If you liked The Osbournes or Gene Simmon's Family Jewels, you will like this too.

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