Monday, August 02, 2010

Just a quick note

Feeling Amused


o tell you about the "special" people in my family.

Surprise Omah!First, we went to go see my 90 year old grandmother this weekend. She said "Good God, Evan. What size are your feet?"
Evan - "12"
She - "Oh" Then she looked over her glasses @ me like "So he has a big penis."
Me - OMG.

Today Mommy Dearest took us out to Western Sizzlin. On the way back I was feeling a bit gassy.

Me - I have gas
MD - In your butt?
Me & Evan - LOAO.
Me - Yessssssss, what else would I be talking about?
MD - Well, I though you were talking about in your car.


How random is that. Why would I mention that I have gas in my car?


They's insane.

I think that's where Evan gets it. ;-p

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