Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you watching The Good Guys?

Feeling Normal


ecause you should be. :-)

It's about a middle aged detective (Bradley Whitford) and his young partner (Colin Hanks) solving crimes.

That's not the unusual part.

The Good GuysI've seen 2 episodes and both of them started with the guys being sent to solve or take reports on some minor crime. The older detective (the dude with the porn star moustache who is more than a little sexist) always takes things way too far. This week, for example, he wanted DNA evidence on the perp who broke a vending machine.

The thing is, they end up involved in a much bigger crime than the stupid little incident report they were sent to get in the first place.

In between getting a case & solving the bigger crime, there is a lot of comedy. I have laughed out loud and rewound scenes several times.

I love the way they have flashbacks. It reminds me a little of Quentin Tarantino's style. The shot opens on 2 guys in a bathtub with some chick's legs between them, Whitford sneezes, Hanks says "No, no, no, don't" and then the screen reads "36 hours earlier" and we see how they ended up in the bathtub.

Or, we see a guy falling off a roof and then we see the message "2 minutes earlier" and we find out how the dude came to be falling off a roof.

It's funny.

Me likey.

Watch it online or on Fox Mondays 9/8 C!


  1. Bradley Whitford looks so old now lol. Okay so he didn't look young in The West Wing but he looked better lol.

    (Okay that makes no sense i know lol)

  2. Han - It might be the moustache. It ages some people. Especially when it's a 'stache like that, LOL. I never watched West Wing, so I don't know him from anywhere else. I just know he's an odd duck. Saw him on Craig Ferguson's show and he was just weird...

  3. I have watched the first episode and thought it was great. I will look for the second one now that I know it is out. I found it to be pretty out there, but awkwardly entertaining too. Good stuff. :)

  4. Kevin - How are you? Haven't really seen you since you started working for the Obama campaign! :-)

    Awkwardly entertaining is an interesting way to describe it, LOL.


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