Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday!

Feeling Normal


can't believe the week went by so fast.

Right now I'm putting off making spaghetti.

Probably because I'm hoping The Evil Teen (AKA Evan) will wake up and make himself a hot dog or something before I have to cook.

But anyway, I'm obsessed with my fingernails lately.

Don't know why. I've bought 2 different fingernail polishes this month.

I don't think I painted my nails more than once or twice in 2009, so why I'm suddenly painting my nails all the geedee time is a mystery to me.

But they do look good.
Angelika's Fingernails BAngelika's Fingernails A

When I installed the software for the webcam, it didn't do the thing where I can just click on the top of the webcam to take a picture, and I don't care enough to re-install it. I also don't care enough to take a picture will my cell phone & send it to myself just to you can see.

Take it from me, I'm getting a lot of compliments on my nails. They look awesome, LOL.

Anyway, here are a few High Fives that I've found. I don't know when. Whatever.


Creepy Crawlies and Tick Removal
I make a fruitless Fruit Salad so you don't have to
Dog Hotel?
Look what fell off my Family Tree

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