Monday, June 07, 2010

American on Purpose

Feeling Abnormal


just finished reading American on Purpose, Craig Ferguson's autobiography.

American on Purpose by Craig FergusonI don't know what I was expecting, but the book wasn't what I had expected.

I laughed out loud a few times, I was horrified/shocked/interested a LOT, and I teared up a few times. Especially when he wrote about his mother's death, because I remember seeing him on TV when he did his first show after that.


I'm not much into reading non-fiction. I have read the occasional book by a personality that interests me, but for the most part, I'm a fiction fan.

"Scottish by birth, American on purpose."

What I mean is that the only knowledge I have about alcoholics or addicts in general is what I've seen on Celebrity Rehab or the one or two episodes of "Intervention" that I've seen.

Craig kind of explains what it was like for him to be an alcoholic, from his very first drink to the last.

He said his 2 great loves in life have been alcohol and women.

The surprising thing (for me), is that even while reading about the stupid shit he did, I didn't feel judgemental.

He's smarter than I thought he was, and I already assumed that he was smart because I don't believe that truly funny people can be stupid.

I guess he's a bit more romantic that I would have thought? I don't know, that doesn't feel right. Maybe it's just the book making me think that?

Anyway, the book is a quick read and if you like @craigyferg at all, you should definitely read it. :-)

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