Monday, March 22, 2010

Some new shows I've been watching

Feeling Normal


haven't slept since yesterday. I think I got up @ 11 am? So 26 hours and counting...

I keep going to bed. I yawn. I never fall asleep.


So anyway, I may have told you about these before. I don't care enough to go check. Deal with it! :-)

The Family CrewsThe Family Crews on BET Sundays 9/8 pm

Remember the dad on "Everybody Hates Chris"? Or Damon on "Friday after Next"? That's Terry Crews. The Family Crews is his reality show.

I love this family! I always enjoyed seeing Terry Crews' acting, but seeing him as a person brings a whole new appreciation to his work for me. He's been married for 20 years. They have 5 kids (4 girls, 1 boy).

It's WONDERFUL to see positive black families represented on TV. If you're not black, you probably don't think about this. But imagine if every show on TV was like a live action "Family Guy". Not the best representation of any group of people, let alone all white people.

We (black people) see a lot of gang bangers, pimps, drug dealers, criminals & buffoons. But other than the "token" black guy, we don't get a lot of positive representations of "us". Definitely NOT in reality TV.

Let me try to think of another positive black reality show...



Nothing's coming to mind.


Tuesdays at 10/9 pm on FX

I've only seen the first episode, but I liked it A LOT.

It's about a Deputy Marshall (played by Timothy Olyphant) who is sent back to his home state of Kentucky after a justified shooting of a suspect.

It's kind of like a western.

He's a quick draw dude. Good looking dude. I can't explain it.

It's action & sex & stuff. Just check it out, LOL.

Human Target CastHuman Target Wednesdays @ 8/7 pm on Fox

A man named Christopher Chance (maybe?) is some kind of spy that other people call when they can't do the job themselves.

I must admit that the lead in this show (Mark Valley) is my "totally hot in a stereotypical Californiaesque" type of man (even though I claim not to find blonde men attractive). His looks have nothing to do with why I continue to watch the show.

I watch the show because a) it's action b) OMFG Mark Valley is hot and perfect masturbation fantasy material 3) the show looks like a movie! I mean the way it's shot & whatnot.

I wish they did that more often. I wonder if it's expensive?

Who cares? I love it.

Every week is a new situation, new people, new ways for Chi McBride's character to get fed up with Chance's risk taking, LOL.

You have to watch this show if you like action! :-) You can watch full episodes at

Kirstie Alley's Big Life Sundays @ 10/9 pm on A&E

We all know about Kirstie Alley's battle with weight.

I don't care about that.

I just wanted to see this woman who is so obsessed with Jamie Foxx that she can't stop Twittering about him.

She's funny! I'd be her friend. I'll watch the rest of the season just for her snarky sense of humor.

OMG at least watch the first episode so you can see her call the black fitness trainer and tell him she's "down with brown but black is whack" while her black stylist is sitting beside her trying not to crack up.

This woman is bat shit crazy and I LOVE IT!


No, I do not understand my current obsession with all things Jersey.

It started with Real Housewives of NJ. Then Jersey native Wendy Williams gets her own talk show. Then I had to watch "The Jersey Shore" because I wanted to see this little oompa loompa with a bouffant get punched in the face and I had to keep watching after I saw that episode.

Dudes (Ladies too).

If you thought Snooky was tanorexic, you will not believe Olivia. She's darker than me. She's like Indian from India dark. She said something like "Yeah, my skin might look like leather in the future, but I look good today!"

I think she has a bit of ADD too.


If you're a Jerseyholic the way I (apparently) am. Check this show out, LOL.

How long is this post anyway?

There's more, but Blogger just told me that my labels can't be more than 200 characters, so I'll save some for another time when I'm too hyped to sleep.


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