Sunday, March 21, 2010

My 20 year HS Reunion

Feeling Normal


found another high school friend on Facebook.

Angelika's Senior PictureShe sent me this message:

Where r u @ now? We r trying to get everyones address for our big 20 year reunion. Happy to see u on facebook.

I sent her this message:

I'm still in the same town. I still won't be going to the reunion, LOL.

Yes. I'm antisocial. I thought you knew that? *rolling eyes*

Anyway, I don't understand reunions. I don't understand people who say that High School years were the best years of their life.


I still won't be going to the reunion, LOL.If that's true, you have a sad life. For serious.

When I was in HS, I got along with everybody. There were no cliques here. Had I stayed in Maryland, I think I would have hung with the Valley Girls. I still had friends who fit into each "group" though, so I don't know.

But anyway, the people with whom I went to HS were not my "friends". I didn't hang out with them after school or on the weekends. I wasn't in the band here (They required marching. FUCK THAT SHIT!) They only had football and basketball for sports here. (In other words, no girls softball, no tennis, no swimming like they had in MD). I'm not the cheering type. (I know you're shocked by that revelation, but pick your jaw up off the floor, please.)

If it weren't for the fact that I moved here in the middle of 9th grade, and was therefore a new attraction, I probably would have gone though high school unnoticed. I mean, I wrote for the school paper. I was in Math & Spanish Club & Future leaders of America & shit but so what?


I see a lot of my high school friends around town. (They are getting old, LOL. Not me though...).

I don't feel that I have anything in common with them.

Even if our children go to the same school. Even if their sons are on the football team with Evan. Even if they too are single moms with Multiple Sclerosis.

So what?

Not really interested in your life story...

I mean, if I haven't seen or heard from you in 20 years...what do we really have to talk about?

If we were true friends, we would have kept in touch.

People come into your life for a reason or a season, right? I knew you HS people because it was school or get the eff out of MD's house and support my damned self @ 16 years of age.

I'm not saying you weren't nice or funny or whatever. I'm just saying I had to be there. I would happily have stayed in my room listening to Prince & reading Stephen King books all the damned time if I could have gotten away with it.

20 years later, I'm happy to stay in my damned house watching TV & talking to my online friends than go and see a bunch of people from my former life who still want to call me Angy.

Thanks for the memories. See you online, LOL.

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