Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What the FUCK is going on?

Feeling Desperate


urrently, everyone I know is going through some major shit.

Health problems, financial problems, marriage/relationship problems.

And then when I turn on the TV it's John Edwards or Tiger Woods or Jesse James cheating on their wife. Or the whores that cheated with them releasing some new "shocking" information.


What the ever-loving hell is going on?

I just want to be in a coma for a few months so that 1) I don't feel any pain and 2) I don't have to worry about every effing thing all the geedee time and 3) I need a break.

Earl (My name is Earl) was in a coma for a while and dreamed he was married to the love of his life.

Maybe I could dream I was in a spa & getting massaged by Mark Valley, Taye Diggs, Adam Rodriguez & Ken Watanabe while Hugh Laurie plays the piano & Hugh Jackman feeds me chocolate.

It's possible, right?

Just say yes.



  1. ooooooooo,, I so like that dream. especially the massaging parts

  2. Not everyone you know is having problems. :)

    Someone once said that if life gives you lemons.... ummmm... I forgot the rest. Squish them, I guess.

    You better not get despondent on me. That may be a threat.

  3. I don't think all this stuff will be over in a few months, so maybe you should get the massage and load the cupboards with chocolates! Oh yes, Hugh Laurie.Maybe you could just invite him over for a consultation on how your feeling. Now that would be my dream coma!

  4. Yes, I miss the good old days when you had to buy The Enquirer or one of the Hollywood Gossip mags to get this kind of info-now it's bloody Prime Time News. Really, who cares?

    As far as the personal stuff goes-hand in there, it will all be over soon.

    Great post title btw.


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