Friday, February 05, 2010

But will it send you to Hell???

Feeling Curious


watched Private Practice last night.

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HellOn the show, a married couple had twin 8 year olds with leukemia (or something) so they had a baby for the cord blood to try and cure them (or put them in remission, I don't know about that disease). They only had enough cord blood to save one of them. The mother couldn't make a choice between them, so she wanted to let them both die. The dad was able to choose between the daughters. The mother said to him "You're going to Hell!"

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So it got me thinking, does God send you to Hell for making a choice that He made you make?

I mean, He's the one who gave the girls leukemia. He's the one who let the parents have a baby for the sole purpose of saving the twins. So just because a parent can choose which child to save, is that reason enough to send him to Hell?

I mean, I have my issues with God as you know (if you're a regular reader of this blog), so I wouldn't put it past Him to be a stickler on this one point. He's the one who said that all sins are equal & that thinking about doing something is as bad as doing it. (Don't ask me for references. Do the research yourself. But trust me, it's in there. I don't remember if it's old or new testament, though.)

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In other words, just thinking about what it would feel like to strangle my son and shake him back and forth until he comes to his senses or passes out is just as bad as when some perv molests a child. All sins are equal, remember?

If it weren't for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, no one would get to Heaven.

Sorry, tangent. you think that being able to choose between your children makes you a bad person?

I don't.

I don't give a shit what people with multiple children say, how can you not like one child more than another?

I'm not talking about loving them. I understand that you can love them all equally. But what if one of your children is awesome & one is a brat? How can you not "like" the awesome child more?

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All of us with siblings always feel like our parents liked/preferred one child more than the other.Which is one of the reasons I never had another child. Evan was a perfect baby. He's still a good child, no matter how much he gets on my nerves during this trying phase in his life that makes me want to smack some black onto him. But another child could not possible measure up to the perfect child I had for the first 4-5 years, LOL. And it could be ugly too. I mean, I'd still love it. But I think it would know that I favored Evan.

All of us with siblings (that I know, anyway) always feel like our parents liked/preferred one child more than the other. I think I was my father's favorite. I think MD's favorite changes with her mood, but her mood has never swayed in my direction, LOL.

Not having multiple children, I don't really know how I would feel, I can only speculate.

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What do you think?

I'm not getting in a theological debate with you. I don't care if you believe in God & Heaven or Hell. It really isn't the point. Do you think you could choose between your children, and if so, does that make you a "bad" person?


  1. (Adjusts her huge wig and over-sized sunglasses, cues the voice scrambler)

    Um, clears throat, I have three kids and one has a really upbeat personality so she's usually at the bottom of my shit list.

    One is really caring and thoughtful, but she can have a stubborn streak. Mostly she hangs out in the middle of my shit list.

    The other is very, uh, passionate in every emotion she feels. Frequently she resides on the very top of my shit list.

    Front and center.

    Naturally I love all of them. But I like them in very different ways.

  2. I were in that situation a choice would be made. Not based up on who I liked more but who would not survive the treatment anyway. As the mother said, if you do nothing they both die. But as the dad said, if you try to save the sickest child, everyone loses.

    I'm with the doc who said they'd already made a choice, they had a son and wouldn't even go see him because they were so busy worrying over the girls. Life sucks then ya die. Great episode wasn't it?

  3. Jane Doe - Very brave of you to admit it. :-) I always wondered about that. Especially when I watched John & Kate plus & (pre affairs & junk) and saw Maddy freak the eff out all the time. I don't like that kid at all, LOL. Thank God I don't have to live with her.

    I know Shae commented...where did it go?

  4. Shae - Well, that makes sense. The girl that the father "liked" less was sicker anyway.

    It was cool the way the sicker girl wanted her sister to get better, even though she knew she wouldn't.

    Sweet & sad at the same time.

  5. Cynthia - I hadn't heard anything about menstrual blood having stem cells. Makes sense, that's what's in the womb when the egg gets fertilized, right? But I don't KNOW.

    I don't know how anyone but the Upper Class can afford to bank cord blood...

  6. BTW - If you post your freaking name, don't have the link go to some commercial site. Thanks.

  7. It's simple, sweetie. I don't like any of 'em.

  8. BTW - just FYI...Only 2 comments showed up besides yours. It kinda looks like you're talking to yourself. Hell, maybe you are. It's understandable, MOE club. (Mother of Evan - not that I needed to explain that. But I just did. I need help.) xx

  9. Queen - A woman named Cynthia commented about how expensive it was to bank cord blood. Then she said she heard that menstrual blood had stem cells.

    I published her comment & then clicked her link. I thought it would lead to a blog, but it lead to a commercial site where you can buy the freezers to store...whatever you're going to store in a $30,000 freezer.

  10. girl what are you talkin about ? you can love somebody for 10 minutes and hate their guts for the next 10 years. trust me, we swing emotionally and it's okay. God knows what's in your heart and there's no big ass billboard hanging over your head advertising your emotional stability.

    I think if anything God might punish yo ass for wilfully neglecting one child over another. but I doubt if you could ever go through a whole lifetime of just liking someone. it's just not possible. it's really not.

    those people who let the kid die, were willful and stupid. that I think they would probably have to pay for it. the cord blood thing is so touchy. there are so many variables to it that we all need to see it from our own viewpoints to gain the value of the life weight theories.

    trust me, I've been there on a regular basis for more time than I want to admit. mostly due to my dh's illnesses. other people want to pronounce him out for the count. I tell them to take a hike cause he's just chillin and he's comin back. he does. somehow I can tell. I wonder if God gave me some special radar or something because unfortunantly it seems like I can tell when folks are checking out. sometimes wayyyy before things get crucial. it's hard and more unhappy because I have to be quiet and watch. that's the worst.

    and you thought you had a problem, with god.. yeah right sista, join the club.

  11. now i know why i don't have kids - the favourite theory. it happened in my family - sister was the one who got the opportunities to dance, finish school, uni. i had to strugle to do my high school certificate at night school while working and my bachelor degree in the same situation. favouries happen and it is much worse with middle child syndrom

  12. Robyn - I'm sure you have more reasons for not wanting kids. If it was just a fear of favoritism, you could make sure you only have one. :-)


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