Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Feeling Irritated


was going to post about my wife & how we met, but I dropped the remote so I leaned over in my computer chair to pick it up and the effing thing BROKE.

It's at least 7 years old. Evan already caused the back of it to fall off because he was always leaning waaaaaaaaay back in it.

Anyway, as I leaned over to get the remote, one of the five legs broke off and I landed on the damned glass aquarium. Evan broke that by running into it or falling, (whatever) and kicking it with his big ass foot. So we had been using it as a garbage can beside the computer desk. I 'fixed' it by using clear contact paper. But now both long sides are broken, so I guess it's dumpster bound.

So now I have a big fucking gouge in the linoleum.So I'm trying to push myself out of the chair so I can get up. The fucking chair wouldn't move.

Cane holding up deskTry to picture this: I fell in a place between the couch & end table at my back and the computer desk at my knees. I couldn't grab the computer desk to help myself up because EVAN BROKE THAT TOO and the only thing holding it up is duct tape and a cane. I had to push my back into the corner of a table that's beside the couch. It dug into my back. But finally I was able to lay straight down on the floor & rest for a bit before I got up.

The chair wouldn't move because the broken part of the chair dug into the linoleum.

Gouge in LinoleumNow I have a big fucking gouge in the linoleum. And one in my back.

Fixed Chair LegI "fixed" the chair by Super Gluing the leg back on and duct taping the shit out of it, LOL.

It's not like I'm going to go to Wal-Mart right now just so I can get a new computer chair. Who do you think I am???

AND I broke a nail! :-(

I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning... And it's all Evan's fault.


I guess I'll talk about my wife some other time.


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