Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why I love the post office (sarcasm)

Feeling Normal


o, I told you I was waiting for HP to send me a box so I can ship my PC tower to them, right?

Well, the wonderful Postladyperson just left it outside my door.
The library only lets me use the pc for 30 minutes at a time.

There was no school yesterday because of the ice. So it could have been out there since Monday.

I hate it when they do that shit.

They do it all the geedee time. Leave packages between my screen door and the front door. They don't knock or anything.

If Evan doesn't go to school, I don't know anything about it because I don't use the frigging front door because the stairs out there don't have a railing and the last thing I need is to break a hip on the effing concrete out there.


I'm upset.

Because, even though this pc crashes unpredictably (pause to save my progress so far), at least I can use it. Kind of.

I don't like not having a computer, LOL.

Under the Dome by Stephen KingBut at least I'll be able to read Under the Dome. I bought it as a Christmas present to myself. 12/24 is about when the computer shit started happening and I haven't gotten more than 50 pages into it.

I remember the days when I would read a Stephen King book in 1 day. Harry Potter took a day & a half.

I should be ashamed.


Hewlett Packard better not keep my baby for long or I might have a breakdown.

The library only lets me use the pc for 30 minutes at a time. Who does that shit???


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