Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ok, so yeah...

Feeling the Headache from Hell


s I said the last time I posted (12 days ago!!) I've been all up in Facebook. The Headache from Hell returned today with a vengeance, so before I go to bed and cover my eyes with a bandanna, I decided to post.

Rather than try to fake an entire coherent post, I'll just hit the highlights of the past 2 weeks.

Men of a Certain AgeFirst, I started watching the new Ray Romano show on TNT. Men of a Certain Age (Mondays at 10 EST on TNT)

It's a show about a group of middle aged men & what they are dealing with in their lives. Romano plays a separated father of 2 kids. He & his wife separated because of his gambling addiction.

Braugher plays a married father of 3 who works for his father as a car salesman. His father is a "shithole" (if you watch the 2nd episode, you'll get the joke) who treats his son worse than the other salesman because he wants to avoid the appearance of favoritism.

Bakula plays a single "playboy" who may be starting to realize that his lifestyle isn't all it's cracked up to be?

Whatever. It's good to see Romano back at work. The series is, IMO, a mix of drama and comedy. It made me realize that Romano is a better actor than I realized having only seen him in comedies.

You can tell you're getting older when a regular shitting schedule is among your biggest concerns in life.What else?

Um...I ordered some of Evan's Christmas presents online. Made the mistake of sending them here instead of to MD's house (which is what I did last time) so he's been bugging the shit out of me to see what they are & play/use/look at them.


I really have been splitting my time between being in bed because the meds I got for my knees & back make me sleepy and being on Facebook playing Farmville & Cafe World.

I swear, I get a new addiction every couple of months.

Is it possible for an adult to have ADD? I might have that, LOL.

It's just that I find something new and I'm all about it, then when I've mastered it or feel like there's not much more to accomplish, I get bored...

I'm still working on my crocheted Snuggie. I have one sleeve done. Now I just need the other sleeve. I haven't felt the sense of urgency that I would have thought because I'm still sweating to fucking death every night when I'm not freezing to death. I wish my effing MS Brain would pick a geedee temperature. Be hot or be cold for an entire DAY, not switch from minute to minute!!!

*TMI Alert*

ConstipationThe meds I got for my knee & back pain have the side effect of making me constipated.


I mean, it's not as bad as it could be because all I have to do is take some aspirin (which usually gives me the trots), but it's still weird not having a predictable pooping schedule, KWIM?

I have upped my fiber intake so that I don't have to rely on aspirin to get my innards's just irritating.

I remember when I was a kid and I could literally go for a month without shitting, but I also remember how much it hurt when I finally did.

You can tell you're getting older when a regular shitting schedule is among your biggest concerns in life.

I mean, I'd rather have my concerns (OMG, I haven't pooped in 35 hours) than some other people's concerns (OMG, I'm going to lose my house!), but it's still trying.

In it's own little way.


That's all. I have to go veg out.

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