Friday, December 04, 2009

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esterday, when I was getting my FREE BATTERY REPLACEMENT (Went to AutoZone. It was the battery. My 1 year 9 month old battery, so it was still under warranty. YES!!) at Wal-Mart, I saw a baby of about 6 mos. Her parents had the TOP part of her body all bundled up.

Shoeless BabyThe baby had on no shoes...or socks.


You can't afford socks or shoes for your baby but you can buy a fucking 24 pack of Coca Cola?


I think they must think I'm a robot woman.Anyway, the baby was staring at me hard. Kids always do. I think they must think I'm a robot woman since they see me sitting on the electric cart, LOL.

Anyway. I smiled at her and she beamed back @ me! Awwwww.

She was cracking me up. The more she smiled, the more I chuckled which made her smile harder & babble.


Entyway, here are the 2 High Fives for this week. Sorry, I've been all up in Facebook & not reading many blogs, LOL.

Why are you stalking me?
for "Oh, I've got embarrassing" Potentially not work or monitor safe. Hilarious! You've been warned. :-)

Tech for Luddites
for "Read, send and share tweets on Facebook".

That is all. Must go check my crops on Farmville. :-)

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