Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thirteen things I love about my 13 year old

Feeling Relaxed


his is assuming that I can think of 13 things after being awakened @ 7:30 am to be told that it was 7:30 and he had missed the bus...on purpose?
  1. His sense of humor

  2. His intelligence

  3. The fact that he's really not that bad.

  4. "He's still shorter than I am."
  5. He's not on drugs.

  6. He's not having sex (I guess)

  7. He's still cute

  8. He's still shorter than I am. (for now)

  9. He can lift heavy things

  10. He takes out the garbage after I've told him 50,000 times

  11. I can still beat him on some video games

  12. He still falls asleep in the car (like when he was a baby)

  13. He tries to make me laugh

  14. He still talks to me about school (as long as it isn't about his grades)


  1. I'm with you on all of them except # 10. I am waaaaay out of my league and really don't even try anymore.

    13 is tough. Really tough.

  2. DG - Well, I do tend to buy games that remind me of Mario Brothers or games I played on my Nintendo 64, LOL. I'm really not good with the fighting games (Super Smash Bros.) that he prefers.

  3. Enjoy the shorter than thing while you can! My three sons now all tower over me, and I still haven't adjusted to it.


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