Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I met a celebrity yesterday!

Feeling Happy


ommy Dearest took us out for dinner last night. I think she was feeling guilty because this is the first Mother's Day that she didn't get me anything. Of course she didn't say that, but she NEVER takes us out to dinner because she doesn't want to pay dinner prices. Even at a buffet.
"I spent some time in jail there."Whatever.

I kept looking at this gray haired man every time he walked by. His face looked so familiar but I could not remember how I knew him.

When we were getting ready to leave, I asked him:

Bill MitchellMe - Are you from MYTOWN?
He - No. I spent some time in jail there.
Me - Oh, well I wouldn't know you from there.
His Wife(?) - Bill, tell her where she knows you from!
He - I'm the weekend anchor on the news.
Me - Oh! I knew you looked familiar, I just couldn't remember how I knew you.
He - Is this your son? He's a good looking boy.
Me - Thank you!

That was nice. And it's nice to see that he has a sense of humor. Even if I don't watch his channel, LOL.


  1. Too Cool! I, of course, would not have been that cool. I may have even squealed like a little girl, which would be scary coming out of this big 'ole body, since, alas, I did not win the Biggest Looser again this year.

  2. Pops was messing with you. That's funny. However, looking at this picture, I prob would have mistaken him for Phil Donohue and would have gone up to him all - "Where's Marlo?"

  3. I don't watch the news enough to recognize most of the anchors.

    Did you watch House?!?! My DVR cut off the last few minutes. The whole show was freaky though.

  4. Aria - I got used to seeing the local news anchors when I worked in Chattanooga. Saw them all the time. Plus I don't watch Channel 12 news, LOL.

    DG - I'm pretty good at remembering faces. It's the names that give me trouble. You would not have thought Donahue if you'd seen him in person.

    Casto - I was surprised I recognized him too, LOL.

    Yes, I watched House. The whole thing about him & Cuddy sleeping together was a hallucination. Cutner came back along with Amber to tell him that it wasn't true. It was REtarded, IMO.

  5. Thats awesome. I love meeting local celebs. One of my friend became the weather girl on one of my local news stations and I was like "yeaaaaah I hang out with herr.

  6. You've got to wonder if all TV news personalities don't use the same barber. Seems to me that they all have exact same hair cut.

  7. Lanyard - If I knew someone who was on TV (other than the Jerry Springer Show) I guess I'd be more excited? It just bugs me when I remember a face and can't figure out why.

    Marsha - They must also go to the same diction coach, because most of the "southern" anchors don't have a southern accent to me. Except on daytime TV.


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