Friday, May 15, 2009


Feeling Homicidal


e did it again.

Once again, Evan has managed to delete all my fucking bookmarks & changed the appearance of my effing browser.


Anyway, all of my High Five Fridays are gone and now I must go and try to remember all the effing shit I had bookmarked.


**Update: 4:07**

I've created a new account for Evan.

Mine now has a convoluted password so he can't change anything because he can't even log on to my account LOL!

Now I'll take that valium. ;-)


  1. You might want to create an account just for him, on your PC. That way, he can't change your settings.

  2. Steve - Good idea!

    DP - You make me think of Donna Noble when you say that, LOL.

  3. Listen to Steve! You should creat a new account for him (or for you!)

  4. Patience. Patience.


    Valium. Valium.

  5. Valium is better than patience - not that I've ever taken valium lol. I think it's also easier to spell

  6. My wonderful son goes on our laptops and goes on naughty sites even though we are supposed to have parental controls to prevent this. So when I got my new laptop, I put a password on it. You don't know the password, you don't get in.

    And he thinks I'm stupid. I knew he tried to go on my laptop the other day because when I booted up, I could tell someone went tried to get on and then pushed the off button instead of logging out. Yeah, I was born yesterday.

  7. You've sure had an Evan kinda week there, haven't ya? Missing the bus, losing your bookmarks. Ahh..... The joys of motherhood!

  8. My Evan is turning 16 this week - and STILL does that stuff. Think it's the name??

    Maybe they are two boys...but with one mind? hahahaha

    Hang in there - this is just God getting you ready for the future things Evan doesn't yet know he's planning.

  9. Lol. kids.... HOW does he manage to delete your bookmarks, wow!

    Glad to hear you resolved the problem. :)

  10. DG - Girl, I took xanax and it did nothing to calm me down, LOL. I was IRATE.

    Hannah - Well, I need to work on patience. *sigh*

    Lola - So far, Evan isn't interested in porn. I expect he will be soon, though.

    Marsha - It really was a hard week. I just want to forget about it. Let's skip to June, please.

    Queen - I don't think it's the name. I think it's the gender...

    Rebecca - I really don't know. I turn on the computer, open Firefox and it's like I just installed it. It doesn't remember ANYTHING.

    Now if he screws up, hopefully it will only be his account and not the whole computer.

  11. Ah, well. I remember when my son was Evan's age. As I recall, we used to keep a taser around the house, just to get his attention. Didn't stop him for long, but it was good entertainment. But tasers only work until they are about 14. Then you have to buy the heavy chains.

  12. But boys are pretty tame compared to teenage girls, as I warned you before. Evan won't be getting pregnant. There's that.

  13. That really made me smile, Max. :-)

    And THANK GOD I didn't have a girl.


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