Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The people with whom I graduated are OLD!

Billy Ray Cyrus


just went to get myself some more cigars ($.90/pack vs $3.++/pack) and the dude at the register looked familiar.

Me - Are you John?
He - Yeah.
Me - I think we went to HS together.
He - Yeah. We did.
Me - Oh, okay.
He - I used to cheat off of you and Ginger in Biology
Me - I just saw Fineass and he told me & my son that I'd never let him cheat off of me. I must not have known you were cheating.
He - Oh you knew!
Me - Well, whatever.
He - It was like a team thing. We all sat at the same table. Me, you, Ginger & Someotherguy.

Ginger had a crush on John. And Ginger was the first friend I made when I moved down here so I guess I didn't care if she cheated off of me and then the others cheated off of her, LOL.

I DO remember once in English class when the quiz that I filled out got passed around to the whole class because the teacher was absent. When she came back, she said "You all need to cheat better. How can everyone have gotten question #2 wrong? Not one of you had the right answer."


Anyway, John looks like he's lead a hard life.

ShanaynayI know his ex wife. She is the very definition of a shrew. But black. She's Shanaynay.

He looks 50. Like Billy Cyrus but older. If he's my age, he's only 36. If he failed a few times, he shouldn't be more than 40.

I don't look that fucking old.

I feel sorry for white people.


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