Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Blog Awards!


hank you to Pinklady for these blog awards! I asked if this was an April Fool's joke, but I don't think she'd do that type of thing. :-)

I got all these awards because, together with the Generosity Award, Bing (That's what I'll call her today because she always signs her comments with Bing) was in a generous mood. :-)

The Generosity Award Rules are:
1) Show generosity towards others in the blogging community by giving a small gift of appreciation. This can be free advertising, a card in the mail, or anything else your imagination takes you.
2) Send this award to at least five others. If you wish to send the award to more then that, feel free to. Generosity has no limits.
3) Link back to the person who sent you this award.
4) Copy the rules as well as the award into your post.
5) Enjoy yourself and have fun!

So, along with the award, I will be showing EC cards or a blog image of the recipients in my sidebar for a month or until I realize it's been six months with free advertising on my blog. ;-)

She Lives
Clarity 2009
Daddy Papersurfer
Journal of a Rock Angel
Hey Shae!

Carry on! :-)

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