Friday, November 07, 2008

Remember a long time ago...


n my blog when I used to post as I was listening to music?

I decided that tomorrow's post is going to be my favorite songs from when I was growing up, but then I started thinking about other crap, so we're going to revisit my "Now listening to" days.

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Is anyone else watching "Life on Mars"? (ABC on Thursdays, I think) A guy gets hit buy a car in 2008 and when he wakes up, he's back in 1973 or something.

This week Whoopi Goldberg guest starred, but that wasn't the best part. The very best part was when he was taken hostage by some Black Panther type gang and one of them was freestyling. That's what Dude called it. The black guy was like "Rhyming. You're inventing new words. Can you rhyme? You'd better rhyme right now or this other dude gets it". (Threatening to shoot the man with him - who happened to be Big Love from House.)

Black Panther is yelling and Dude and:

Me - C'mon, he has to know at least one rap song. He can't at least do Ice Ice Baby?

So Dude broke into Ice Ice Baby. I LOVED IT!

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On the last new episode of Celebrity Rehab, I learned a little more about Rodney King. I only know him as the dude who got a beat down from the LAPD. But he's a really good man!

It definitely changed my perspective on him. I had always assumed that he was a loser who just happened to get stopped by the wrong cops. Turns out that he had just gotten a new job and was celebrating with some friends. He grew up knowing that if a black guy gets pulled over, he's going to get beaten so he tried to evade the police for a bit.

When he realized that he couldn't outrun them, he pulled over and immediately got down on the ground and they just started beating him for no real reason.


Plus, he looks good. :-)

So anyway, there's at least one person in the world who changed my opinion of him in a positive way from doing reality TV.

Keep up the good work, Rodney!

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Now I forgot WTF I was going to say. Man, I love Got to give it up. I don't care where I am, I HAVE to chair dance when I hear that song. They don't make music like this anymore.

Let me try to remember.

It was something about another TV show...


On the last Sons of Anarchy, there was another violent outburst that made me think "I fu@king LOVE this show!"

If you aren't watching it, please start. I want to talk about it with someone. Only Becky's husband watches it (that I know of) and he's not a member JJHF like she is. :-(

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I feel like my day was so busy today.

It really wasn't.

I went to MD's house after the Charter dude came over so that I could watch The View, because by recording a Dr. Who episode & Lost at the same time, I didn't record The View.

Yes, I've seen all of the Dr Who episodes, but I like to re-watch some of them.

So we watched it and then I went to Wal-mart to pick up pictures of Evan that I had taken there because he forgot to turn in the check for his school pictures.

But it's cool. I got these pictures for $5 AND I got to pick the pose. The only thing is that his name isn't on the front like they would have been in the school pictures. But everyone who will be getting a picture knows who he is, so it isn't really necessary, right?

What else did I do today?

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While I was at Wal-Mart I was supposed to pick up some ink for my printer. I told MD about all the Barack Obama newspaper covers on the 5th and she wants me to print them out so she can do a scrap book.

I got groceries. Returned the useless Flash Drive that Charter told me I could use for my DVR (the one that's getting replace tomorrow). I even went back to the electronics department.

Didn't get the ink. And I didn't remember until I had already walked out of the door.

But I finally remember "my" greeter's name. It's Terri. I dated a guy named Terry, so that will be easy to remember. :-)

I have the mind of a senior citizen, I swear. I can't remember ANYTHING. I still don't know my new phone #, just my old one for the phone I handed down to Evan.


I think I've posted 50 times today. At least, I feel like it.

I'm done. But I will leave you with this. I still love the hell out of this song!

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