Friday, November 07, 2008

Good News & Bad News



A dude from Charter showed up today and told me that my DVR is screwing up. I hadn't noticed anything. But he said that they get reports back to tell them how the signal reception is, and mine is low. Or something. I don't speak Cable Company.

There are ONLY2 good things about this:

1) The new DVRs have way more memory, so I will be able to save an entire season of House without buying an external Hard Drive.
2) I found out that Flavor Flav (My neighbor) knows the dude, so I can knock on Flav's door if I ever have any problems and I won't have to wait a week for a service call.

The bad things are:
  1. I have about 170 series scheduled to record and half of them aren't airing now, so I can't schedule all of them.

  2. All the House episodes & the movie "The Host" that I've been saving will be gone with the old DVR

  3. I can't search for an actor's name on the new DVR. So I won't be able to see if Cary Grant or Hugh Laurie are coming on anything that I haven't before seen (Like The Tonight Show).

  4. My News Ticker will not be on the new DVR.


I HATE the new DVR. I have put up with getting 4 (or 5) different DVRs of the same model because I hate it so much.

Whatever, here are this week's High Fives. I tried not to put too many about Obama on the list in deference to my GOP readers. (See, I can be considerate if I want to...once or twice a year.)

Skirmisher for this article. Cool! :-)

Mom Wannabe for "I am so sad ". Thank God I live in America. I can't believe this shit is going on in other parts of the world. Actually, I can. I think girls are still being circumsized in some African countries, so this shouldn't be so shocking and disappointing to me. :-(

Jokes @ jDonuts for Suicide Hotline. Dayum, this is funny in a very sick way, LOL.

Casto Creations for Can I have too many T-shirts?

Blogster's Guild for President Garth Barack Obama Wins.

Steven Humour for "Here's something we all need". Ridiculous.

My thoughts on Stuff for "My thoughts on Barack Obama's Victory". There is some language that might be offensive to some people. You have been warned.

Amy Oops for "Fail" and "Funny Plates".

Kateedyd What? for "Post Halloween". Those are some awesome pumpkins!

This last one is not a blog, but I thought it was cool anyway. Just look at how many headlines Barack Obama got on Wednesday. Digg it if you like it! :-)

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