Friday, May 16, 2008

High Five Fridays - 5/16/08


t's not quite Friday, but in the interest of having new content on a mostly daily basis, I'm posting this at noon yesterday. (HA! Wrap your head around that!)

1. Idiocrasies of the English Language. Take your pick of the posts, most of them are amusing. :-)

2. Steven Humour for this post and this post.

3. Found Shit for this post.

4. Slacker Heaven for the Boyfriend Remote. *sigh* If only it were real...

5. The Why File for this post which makes my back ache just looking at it!

6. Helmetti. She commented on my blog the other day. I didn't understand one syllable of what was written on her blog (it's Finnish), but she makes some beautiful jewelry!

7. Beeker for bringing my attention to a VERY odd website where they take pictures of Dads & their babies and switch the heads. - Dad?

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