Friday, May 16, 2008

I finished "You've Been Warned"


didn't like it. Even while I was reading it, I didn't like it. But I cannot leave a book unfinished once I start reading it.

Kristin Burns is a 20 something nanny with aspirations of being a photographer. She works for the wealthy Turnbull family in Manhattan,NY. She loves the 2 children to bits, but she hates their step-mother. She calls her "The Pencil". She's also having an affair with Mr. Turnbull.

She starts having a recurring nightmare about events at a particular hotel. She screams so loud that her neighbors hear & complain to management. She also starts seeing dead people. Strangers know her name & keep giving her warnings. A detective considers her a "person of interest" in the incident at the hotel. She's being followed by a man with a ponytail.

Blah blah.

It might be that I hated the fact that some stupid twit was having an affair with a married man. I have serious moral "issues" with that. I hated the fact that she honestly believes that he'll leave his wife for her. I hated the fact that she sees his violent temper and ignores it. I did not like this girl at all. I did not like the fact that she kept referring to a past incident at that hotel but not providing details. (When we finally find out what the incident was, it really had nothing to do with the story that was going on in the present. It was an unnecessary plot 'twist'.)

I did not like the ending, although I was glad the stupid book was finally over.

I think I figured out how the whole "2 Authors writing one book" thing worked. James Patterson started it, realized it was a piece of shit, and gave it to Howard Roughan to finish.

The best thing about "You've Been Warned" is the title. Don't bother reading it.

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