Friday, May 09, 2008

High Five Friday - 5/9/08


decided to take advantage of Blogger's new "Scheduled Posts" option. So maybe I can write a bunch of crap and still have new posts every day even though I'll be reading. Actual books....

Or maybe not. We shall see, LOL.

Anyway, here are the high fives (some are from last week when I didn't do the meme.

Telling it like it is for this post because I agree. When I used to try to buy clothes for my nieces, all the clothes they sold looked like "Whore in training" crap. I'm so glad I have a boy so I don't have to worry about that!

Dinometer Deb for the link love. I think it's really cute the way she comes up with stories to add the links. :-)

Hot Topics for this post. It really makes you realize that you need to be thankful for what you have instead of complaining about how long the line is at Starbucks (or some other stupid little thing).

Technically Easy for the unexpected blog review. :-)

Time for a Smile because this is the kind of blog that makes me happy. I don't normally like photo blogs, but this is such a simple idea. I love it!

So Now What? for this post. Tell it! I detest whiny punks. I get on my own nerves when I whine...

Mottekaero jDonuts for this post.

The Why File for the post about creepy playgrounds.

My Blog Rules for this post. :-)

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