Sunday, September 23, 2007

This weekend

First, yes I saw Hugh Laurie on The Tonight Show this Friday. I thought he looked yummy & laughed like a schoolgirl because he was so funny.

See the interview for yourself (as long as it's up, there are probably some copyright infringement issues so it will be taken down.)

Part 1 & Part 2

Second, my air conditioner has been leaking onto my carpet. Which brings me to...

Third, I got a new landlord. I didn't even know the last one left. I think she lasted 6 months.

So I left a message for her (the old LL) on Friday. Today the new dude stopped by.

He claims that I will be getting a new air conditioning unit, a new water heater, new cabinets & some other new shit.

He said he's been pissed off looking at all the apartments & seeing how some people (like me) have been neglected.

I'm fine being neglected. As long as shit works & the landlord leaves me alone, I'm cool. I don't give a shit about new cabinets. Honestly, I don't want all those strangers in my apartment.

Whatever, all the landlords have promised me repairs that never happen. I planned on moving so I really didn't give a shit.

Anyway, after the new LL left, I changed some crap on my blog. Now I'm tired.


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