Wednesday, May 09, 2007


House was so good tonight. I watched it twice.

I noticed that House seemed more jocular this week than usual, but then I just re-watched "Detox" and "3 stories" so anything is happier than that. BUT, I never guessed that Wilson had been slipping him anti-depressants.

One of the best parts was after House dosed Wilson with the amphetamines and he was tweaking. LMFAO! I laughed so hard I started choking. He was talking so fast! I can't get over it. I hope someone puts that on youtube for you people who don't normally watch House. (????? What is WRONG with you people?) Anyway, it almost makes me hate Wilson less. I still haven't forgiven him for what he did to House at the beginning of the season.

Someone tell me that House isn't going to start having a relationship with that Granola Bitch. It's ok to lie to me about this, LOL.

I really don't think he can have a relationship. Unless it's full of angst. (For her, I don't think it would matter for him.)

Anyway, I found it exceptionally funny at the end when he said "I really hate tea." The way he said it.

He's so sexy.

The Unit was exciting. For the past few episodes I've been wondering WTF is going on? WHY is the CIA so determined to send Jonas to jail? WTF did he do???

I was happy that the dude from Terminator 2 (I can never remember his rank or name on the show) decided to stand by his men. I think? I have no idea.

But Jonas left. Went to Panama. Without his wife?? WHAT? What is going on? Was that the season finale?

American Idol
I watched it because I knew Barry Gibb was going to be on.

Awwwwwwwwwwww. What happened to Barry? He was THE hottest Gibb. Yes, hotter than Andy. But I honestly thought he was dead. I knew Maurice was dead. I guess Robin is the one who's dead.

Maurice had become the better looking Gibb as they got older.

Barry gotten a little chunky and his hair was receeding. (NOT that I have a problem with bald. I just have a problem with mullet like balding.)

Wow. I mean, I knew he was old. LOL. I think he was in his 30s when I was a kid so he's got to be a senior citizen now.

It just hurts my heart when all these men that were SO CUTE to me when I was younger look like old fat bald fuckers to me now. (Hugh Laurie, OTOH, has gotten better looking with age...)

The singing.

I couldn't listen to it. I love the BeeGees. I don't want to hear these punk chidrin (pronounce it the way it's spelled) doing injustice to their songs.

I never knew that Barry Gibb wrote "How can you mend a broken heart". I love when Ruben Studdard sings that song. I'm sure Mommy Dearest loves it when Al Green sings it. Evan thought Al had written it. I had no idea who wrote it and I didn't care.


Blake pisses me the eff off beatboxing on all the damned songs. We know you can do it. Stop. And stop trying to dance. Asshole.

Work Out
It is SO sad that Doug died. :-(

But it cracked me the eff up when that girl, Rebecca?, was talking about Jackie's other girlfriend and said "She has tiny teeth. She's all gums. I wonder how she looks when she smiles? OMG, she should NEVER do that."

LOL! Jealous much?

I'm sure I watched some other shit too, but I think this post is long enough already.

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