Wednesday, September 06, 2006

TV - House

House season premier.


And it pissed me off.

It was funny because House was running around doing all kinds of physical comedy that he can't do with the cane (unless it's actually hitting wilson with the cane).

It's nice to see new episodes. I have my favs from seasons 1 & 2 but ... newness is good too. :-)

It pissed me off because at the end of the episode, House had cured a man who was paraplegic for 8 years or some shit and Wilson convinced Cuddy not to tell House. He said "He was lucky this time. Next time he'll kill somebody."

Earlier in the episode, House told Cuddy "This is the first time in 5 years I haven't been on narcotics and NOW you question my judgement?"

It's true. WTF. He's done a lot of crazy shit. They never did anything.

Now that he's drug free they want to NOT let him know that he's still a great doctor??

At the end, he broke into Wilson's office and forged a prescription for vicodin. I blame wilson for House's upcoming relapse into drug use. He told wilson that his leg hurt, wilson wouldn't give him a prescription. Now he's going to find out that wilson and cuddy didn't tell him about the guy he healed and he's going to feel like he can't trust anybody. Fucking anorexic looking Cameron doesn't want him anymore. He sent the love of his life away to live with her crippled husband. He's all alone. So he's going to be alone with his vicodin. And trouble ensues.

How the hell do cuddy and wilson expect to keep House from finding out about "Steven Hawking"s miraculous recovery? The guy's been in a wheelchair for 8 years. He's going to need physical therapy. Why wouldn't he come back to the hospital that got him out of that cursed chair for PT?? Are they really so stupid to think that House will never find out? I wonder if he'll also find out that it was Wilson's idea to challenge House to give up the vicodin for one week (that episode was called "Detox", I don't remember which season.)

I hate wilson. Cuddy is a wimp. I don't know how she became the most important person on that hospital's staff. Cameron has always pissed me off with her heart all over her fucking sleeve. Chase is a suck up. Foreman is a House wannabe.

I hate them all, LOL. Fuckers.

I want Stacy to come back.

But House can't be happy in a relationship with anybody because that will mean the end of the series.

When Max & Kyle got together on Living Single, that was the beginning of the end of that show. When Monica and Chandler got together on Friends, it wasn't long before the show ended.

Therefore, no love for House = long running show.
Happy relationship, no cane, no addiction = Series Finale.

That is all.

I hope House beats Wilson with his cane when he finds out what the little fucker has been doing behind his back.

I guess that wasn't all...

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