Monday, May 21, 2007


First, Desperate Housewives.

Did Edie really kill herself on Desperate Housewives? Somehow, I doubt it. I think it's some kind of ploy to get Carlos back.

WTF is wrong with Lynette? She acts like she's going to be able to have chemo & go on with her life as usual. Like nothing will change except she'll go bald. She's not dealing with this. I don't think she's accepted her diagnosis.

How long will Gabby stay married to that ASS? Not long. I wonder how it will end? :-) I can't wait.

Second, I had MEAT yesterday.

I mean real MEAT. Not just seafood. Not chicken. BEEF. Sometimes, when I get PMS, I crave red meat instead of chocolate.

Anyway, I used some "House Seasoning" (Paula Deen's recipe. Equal parts salt - I like kosher salt, garlic powder and black pepper) on a steak & cooked it on the George Foreman for 3 minutes.

Oh.My.God. I'd forgotten how GOOD steak is, LOL. And I couldn't find my A1 sauce, so I used some Chipotle Tobasco sauce. It was so freaking good!!! I might go back to the store today and get another steak, LOL.

And some chocolate. And gum. Lots of gum.

Third, I was blog hopping today.

A lot of people have pics of their kids in bathing suits. It got me thinking.

I just wonder if they think about all the pedophiles out there.

I remember one summer I was at the pool with Evan and some girl's stupid ass mother had sent her to the pool in her underwear.


So after she got wet, you could see everything.


There are at least 3 registered sex offenders within a mile of me.

I know you can't live your life being paranoid about shit that could happen. But it doesn't mean you can allow yourself or your children to be oblivious to the realities of life.

There are pedophiles.
There are probably some living in YOUR TOWN.
Bad things happen to good people.


That is all.

For now.

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