Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So last night I was looking for the video "Get me bodied" by Beyonce. I had only caught the tail end of it one night when I was channel surfing.

Then I saw something about smoking.

So I looked up "Smoking".

There was one called "The last cigarette". HA!

Then I saw "Stop smoking in 3 minutes!!!" So I watched it.

It was extremely boring.

I don't believe I'm susceptible to hypnosis. The same way I don't think I'm susceptible to mass hysteria.

But I'm willing to try anything.

So after the 4 minutes (and change), I immediatly lit up. I wanted to see if I smelled burning rubber or tasted elephant poo.

I taste burnt rubber.

I don't smell poo. It just smells off. I smoke menthol. I didn't get the cool mentholy feeling.

I think I took 2 puffs and put it out.

I didn't smoke again until 11 hours later.

Still tasted "wrong". Still smells "wrong".

So I'm going to watch it for the next 5 days or whatever is recommended.

I wonder if hypnosis can work even if you don't believe it.

There's some kind of "power of suggestion" shit going on here.

Which really ticks me off, LOL.

But I'll worry about that AFTER I've stopped smoking.

P.S. - I just thought about all the shit I can do with the extra money I'm going to have next month, LOL. WHEEEEEEEEEE! It makes me happy. :-)

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