Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I have said today.

I don't think I've said 13 things yet. Do posts count?

1. Make sure you turn the water all the way off after you take a shower!

2. Good God, you stink.

3. What do you want to watch?

4. Turn the TV off before you leave.

5. Make sure you've turned off the air.

6. Check and make sure the water is OFF. I pay for that water. (And it STILL wasn't all the way off?!?!?!)

I haven't said anything else yet, LOL.

But here's what I predict.

7. Check the mail.

8. Do you have any homework?

9. Don't take your shoes off, we're going to Wal-mart.

10. Go see if they have a cart on the other side.

11. Go get some skim milk.

12. I don't have McDonald's money.

13. Make sure you put ALL the frozen stuff in the freezer.

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