Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Madness


1. Currently, what television commercial is your least favorite?
I don't watch commercials now that I have DVR. I rarely watch "live" tv just so that I don't have to watch commercials. PBS is the only thing I watch "live".

2. And which commercial is your most favorite?

I saw this commercial one day when I was about to start watching something recorded. I think I rewound and watched it about 3 times, LOL. I love it!

3. Of the sitcoms that are on during "prime time" how many do you watch on a regular basis? Please share.
Notes from the Underbelly - ABC
I record "Everybody Hates Chris" (WB)for The Boy, but I don't normally watch it.
I also record "Til Death" (Fox) for The Boy. Sometimes I watch it. But I'm not upset if I miss it, either.

I think that's it? Comedy is not my favorite genre.

4. Is there a television series that you enjoy watching that is ending this season?
Not that I know of... It wouldn't be unusual for me to start watching a TV show once I know it's ending. That's when I started watching "Everybody loves Raymond" and I liked it a lot! (It's on all the time in syndication.)

5. Is there any type of program you'd like to see more of on television?

Absolutely Fabulous. We need another CSI, LOL. CSI:Shreveport... ;-p

6. Is there any type of program you'd like to see less of on television?
ALL of the effing gone without a trace type of stuff. Law & Order.

7. Is there a series that is no longer aired that you wish would come back?

Homefront. But all those people are on various other shows now. One of them is Gabby's fiance on Desperate Housewives. He's cute.

8. Do you watch re-runs of anything on television?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sometimes Bernie Mac. If I see that "Everybody Loves Raymond" is the one when Deborah had PMS, I watch it. :-) 24. I think I missed a season somewhere. So I have to watch until I see that "day".

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