Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My back


Really bad.

Saturday we went to the Annual Cornbread Festival.

I couldn't even walk around and take pictures. Mostly I just sat on a bench and people watched.

Mommy Dearest didn't take any pictures either, even though I handed her the camera and said "Take pictures of Evan."



I can see why people become drug addicts.

I want an epidural for my back.

I'm tired of laying on the geedee heating pad all the time.

The only GOOD thing about this is that Evan is learning how to cook. So far he's made Tuna Casserole (I supervised the measuring), brownies (again, I supervised), and he deep fried some chicken tonight (With supervision. I don't want any of you people thinking I send my son into the kitchen to mess with 300 degree oil and just expect that he/the house won't be set on fire.)

He seems to like cooking.


I remember when I was his age and my father said "I bet you can't make a good cup of coffee."

I made his coffee from then on. He tricked me!

Poor Evan.

He doesn't realize what he's doing, LOL.

Anyway, I'm going back to the heating pad.

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