Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt 55

Today's theme is Rare. Shockingly, neither TNChick or Sue have their pics up yet, LOL.

**Update** I just found out that TNChick is having some health issues. Stop by and wish her well!

YAY! I beat them both. :-) Insomnia is good for something, LOL.

We rarely get snow in my little corner of the world. If it does snow, it's at 2 AM. It's not enough to accumulate. And it melts before The Boy gets up for school so he never gets to see it, let alone make a snowball. :-(

The last time it snowed enough to have a real snowball fight was about...4 1/2 years ago. I remember because my cousin was still pregnant at the time and Evan told her she looked like a snowman. HA!

The year we (Mommy Dearest and I) moved here from Maryland, it snowed about 6 feet. Everyone said that we had brought our weather with us. I would LOVE that weather now that I don't have to shovel snow anymore.

But last winter (2006) it snowed enough to stick! I think we got about 2 inches, LOL.

And yes, school was cancelled.

When I was 14, in MD, it had snowed about 4 feet by the time I woke up to go to school one day. They didn't even delay school. Of course, it didn't stop snowing and it was noon before the geniuses at the School Board decided to close school. By that time, the roads were all iced over.

We had to drop every kid off at their house instead of the bus stop. I think I got home around 10pm that night.

I wish we'd have a really big snow like that at least once for Evan's sake. He'd love it! :-)

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