Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Tenant - Ladybug Hill

I started a new "Rent my blog" campaign.

I put the offer up yesterday, I got 2 bids. Slept (FINALLY) at 11 o'clock today and when I woke up I had 3 more offers.

One dude had a different language on his site. ??? I don't even know why he bid. I know that at BlogExplosion you have to have your blog in English, but there was enough not-English there that it might as well be a bilingual blog. Not even Spanish, some language I've never heard before. Or he's a really bad typist and he doesn't proofread before he posts.

ANYWAY, one of the bids was Ladybug Hill. I could totally feel her on her first post (that I read) so I didn't need to go any further.

After accepting the bid (HA!) I've read some more posts. I think my tenant and I have a few things in common, and I like her writing style.

I also like the fact that her blog seems as varied as mine. Not post after post about one topic. :-)

You know the drill. Click on the sidebar under my picture and visit my new tenant!

Muchas gracias para o seu unterst├╝tzung von mon Pimpage. LOL!

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