Tuesday, March 06, 2007

House, MD

What did I say 2 weeks ago?

That I hate Fox because they are not airing their best show. That they took 2 weeks off after every episode. And it was making me sick.

So now I have to wait 3 more weeks to see My Crush in a new episode again. But they claim there will be 6 or 9 new episodes in a row.... We shall see. The bastids.

Anyway, here are excerpts of my convo with The Boy while we watched House.

He - House is gonna die!
Me - He is NOT going to die. They're not going to end the show this season. He's lying. I bet that's not even his file that he told them about.
He - He's gonna die...


Me - They're gonna kiss! (House & Cameron)
Me - Yes they are
He - Gross
Me - DAYUM! I bet Hugh really enjoyed doing that, LOL.
He - *gagging noises* GROSS! I don't want to see that
Me - He's cheating on me with that anorexic whore!!!
He - HA!


He - So how did he cure the guy?
Me - *Realizing that Evan fell asleep even though I kept poking him and putting my cold hands on his hot back* They took out half of his brain!
He - Is he still retarded?
Me - Well he buttoned his own shirt, but he's not talking yet.

If you didn't watch House (*gasp* *faint*) this will make no sense to you, but watch the repeat on TNT next Friday and then re-read this...

If you DID watch House, I loved it this week! I think absence must make the heart grow fonder. Because I don't think I laughed this much in past seasons. Or this season is just funnier than the first 2. I liked when House grabbed Cuddy's butt. I LOVED when Chase said "You're going to die. I'm going to hug you now."


Now I have to go to sleep so I can dream about Hugh.


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