Tuesday, March 06, 2007

OH! I forgot

I've been planning to blog about Ruben Studdard's new CD for days. I only remembered now because one of the songs came on.

I love Ruben. He kind of looks like this guy I did with the toddler penis, but that's a different blog entry.

I don't love him so much that I will listen to every song on the CD, but I listen to more of these songs than on most CDs I buy.

It's called "The Return" and my favorite songs are Make ya feel beautiful, Get U Loose, and Rather not know. There's a cover of Luther Vandross' "If only for one night", but not even Ruben can do it like Luther.

It's a decent CD. And waaaaaaaaay past due. That second CD with nothing but religious songs didn't count!

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