Sunday, March 18, 2007

Here's what happened

I started out, YESTERDAY, to make a Jeff Goldblum/Raines tag.

I found some good pictures. I made the tag. Once again, no room to put a name. (I don't know why I have to do this every couple of months...) Let me show you the tag before I talk about it.

So I like the blend, I like the color even though it's pink again (I don't know why I have to make pink tags, either...) I like the pics of Jeff. He looks delicious. And I like the glass effect at the bottom.

Name doesn't look good anywhere on it.

So I thought "Well, I'll remember how I did that glass thing and make one of Hugh" because I have some pics of Hugh wearing glasses that I think are sooooooo cute. :-)

So I started on that.

I don't know how it happens...I get distracted or discouraged or whatever. It doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist. Or that I have 1,000,027 things going on in my head all at once.

Anyway, those pictures of Hugh with the glasses turned into this:


No glasses. No glass effect on his name. His name isn't even on there.

I had another idea about making a blended tag about all of the awards that Hugh has won (SAG, Emmy, etc.) and that didn't happen either, LOL.

I feel like I have no control!

I mean, I like the tag. I'm not happy with the name, but the rest of it is good.

But it's totally different from what I set out to do 24 hours ago.

And I'm cold.

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