Monday, April 13, 2009

I don't think I like this


was supposed to have added commentluv. I followed the instructions.


I don't think I like it.

At least I saved my template before I changed things!

**UPDATE**: So I took off the commentluv thing because it wasn't working, IMO.

But I have added "related posts" on my post pages.

While I was doing that, the Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up" came on my iTunes (I TOLD you I liked Rick Astley) and Evan asked me if I got "Rickrolled" :-)

That is all.

Because now I have a headache.

Now playing: Michael Penn - No Myth


  1. Man you sure blog a lot. I thought I was caught up with you.

    I don't think you can add comment luv because that's a Wordpress thing. Or so somebody told me.

    Why don't you just roll your own? Bulk tobacco is cheap and not highly taxed, and you can buy those little machines that roll them for you and come complete with papers with filers already in them. I used to use one called "Laredo" but they probably don't make them anymore.

    But it's cool if you like to buy little cigars and pretend you have quit smoking. Whatever.

    Jesus, don't do a liquor store guy. Set you sights higher. :)

  2. I hope Rick Astley did not give you that headache. Keep up the blogging and remember because we're "never gonna give you up."

  3. Max - I was in a blogging mood yesterday.

    There's a Blogger Hack for CommentLuv. There are all kinds of blogger hacks if you just look. I just didn't like that it changed the look of my comments. AND all of my current comments would have had to be imported or whatever. Too much trouble.

    I rolled my own cigarettes a couple of years ago, when I was REALLY broke. I had the little 'machine' and it never packed them tight enough. If you're broke, it's better than nothing.

    And I don't consider myself a non-smoker. These cigars are the same size as cigarettes. They come in a pack like cigarettes. They just taste different.

    I guy who owns a liquor store is good enough for me. I'm not a Golddigger!

    Neurologist - I'm not planning on quitting blogging anytime soon. :-)


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