Thursday, November 13, 2014


a. JFC! I cannot wait 4 allergy season to be OVAH! For at least the past 1.5 months, I can't hordly see! At first I assumed it was cuz I broke my 60' TV & had to go back 2 the smaller 42' Television. I also KNOW I need new glasses since these are at least 2 years old & in recent months I've had to lift my glasses (or give Patent Pending "Omah side eye") to be able to see smaller writing. I REFUSE TO GET BIFOCALS unless my vision insurance pays for the MAJORITY of it! 

But I kept forgetting that I kept waking up with eye muc- fuck it, I tried to be adult about it and use the proper word, but that ain't no fun! - eye boogers so I got some allergy eyes EYE drops (it lasts for 12 hrs) but unless I actually SEE the mucus, I forget to use them.

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