Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why I hate Oprah


es, I know that hate is a strong word.

What I feel about Oprah goes beyond the intense dislike that I feel for celebs like Britney Spears, Tom Cruise & Halle Berry, though.

First, I get SO SICK of white people telling me that I remind them of Oprah. She IS NOT the only intelligent & well spoken black woman in the world. But she's what comes to their minds. I'm sure they think it's a compliment.

But I equate it to the bigots who say "Nigger" 75 times a day and then turn around and tell me that I'm "not really black" so when they say "Nigger", it doesn't apply to me.

In addition, I think I am much hotter on my WORST day (flu, snot running out of my nose & sporting a black eye) than Oprah is on her BEST day.

The bitch is ugly.

Most importantly, I think that the Oprah Show is really just the "Church of Oprah". She doesn't have fans. She has disciples.

Grown women lose their minds when they see her. They act like a bunch of tweens at a Hannah Montana concert.

The woman has too much power & influence over a large part of the world population.

The ONLY reason I don't want her to die is because I think TV would become All Oprah, All the time. Worse than the massive Britney Spears Chaos. Worse than when Princess Diana died.

They'll erect a statue of her at Harpo Studios & fans will leave flowers & sob into the camera about how we've lost the closest thing to Jesus on earth.

I HATE OPRAH SO MUCH it's not even funny.

And just in case you were wondering, I got on this topic because someone at JJHF thought I loved Oprah.

Me - No you didn't. That's not funny.
She - For real!

I thought EVERYBODY knew how much I despise that woman.

I just had to clear that up.


  1. I agree with you Angelika. Oprah is so full of herself it's ridiculous. The latest thing about the weight gain - who cares? And she loves white people so much it's really sickening - I mean the everyday average white person, especially women. She loves certain Black celebs too. She talks about how much she likes Chris Rock, but I see through that. She's the way she is towards him in order to keep him from directing his "humor" towards her. I could go on and on!

  2. I just saw your post on Oprah.I found a funny post about her regarding her weight loss last night.

  3. "Church of Oprah" yes, yes, yay-yus!! You're so right. She is some kind of religious leader, I've said that myself. And, I have no idea what u look like, but I'm quite certain you are hotter than O.

  4. As I sit here surfing late night TV, I happened upon a re-play of Oprah's show. It is one of the many shows where she is telling us (normal non-rich people) how we have to stop spending so much money and stop wasting planet earth's resources. Oprah is sitting there preaching to normal people on spending/wasting as she wears her CHRISTIAN LOBOUTIN shoes. WTF?! What a hippocrite! This show lead me to google "I hate Oprah" and I found your site. Thank you!

  5. when did we the people give power to a sales woman (brilliant non the less) like OPRAH

  6. Amen, sister! And have you noticed how people get really, really mad when you say you hate "Oprah"?? Geesh. She's brain-washed everyone it seems.

  7. Oprah is a fraud. She is as phony as a human being can get. She was on TV a couple nights ago and the subject was the young ESPN reporter who had someone take nude pics of her without her knowledge. Oprah actually said that SHE is "more careful" when she travels as a result!! WHAT???? Like ANYONE other than her eunich boyfriend would even THINK about Oprah nude, much less PHOTOGRAPH her?!??!?!?!? HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! She is "more careful"...? Get OVER your ENORMOUS self!

  8. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading your blog and hope you keep it up.

  9. I hate Oprah.
    She is all about Oprah but a master of disguise.

  10. I am profoundly disturbed by Oprah's kool-aid-chugging type of influence. I suppose that the real issue is the inability of her followers to create their own principles, to choose their own interests, to follow their own path. Why are we the exception in terms of individuals who are acutely aware of Oprah's malignant narcissism and insatiable pursuit of universal control. Ironically, she is the exact opposite of what she stands for. She is a self professed empowerer of her fellow human yet EVERY single move that she makes to "empower" others actually moves them further back on the path of their own destiny. Cool blog, boy...there is nothing that I would love more than watching Oprah get schooled...really get schooled. You go girl.

    As far as

  11. Hey, I hate Oprah too!! God, I don't feel so alone now. You try an explain to people and they JUST DON'T GET IT!!! Christ, whats not to hate. She is evil personified. Hey does anyone here hate Bono from U2? he's just as bad, friggin make poverty history eh? Why don't you sell up one of your seven, yes, you heard it folks SEVEN homes that you own around the world. Sheesh!!

  12. Than-you for this blog! You hit the nail on the head!

  13. Ophra is a fake and is racist as hell, and she is in my book a nobody, I could careless how much $$$$$$ she has, she got it from playing the race card and those that follow her are racists as well.....KEEP goin Oprah, yeeee haaaa you are a loser with money, and i am not broke at all, I just think you are not a nice person, you say you care about so much, why not help your own kind with you$$$ abd get them the help they need?

  14. What Oprah cannot handle the truth, she has to pick and choose who she wants to be heard? I say she needs to answer them all on her own not a staff member, the coward that she is!


    She thanked herself. SHE THANKED HERSELF.

  16. Well, you know how I feel about Oprah but I feel the need to say it again. I didn't really have a beef with her until she bought Discovery Health and killed all that was right in my television-viewing world.

    Now I despise her. End of story.

    1. Dear CG, ♥ you more now! I wonder if I started an "I Hate Oprah" group of FB, how many people would join, LOL.


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