Friday, April 17, 2009

High Five Friday - 4/17/09

Borat High Five


ollowing are this week's High Fives in no particular order.

BadGalsRadio for The Reality of the Entrecard Payout Formula - Explained in English

The Hussy Housewife for SILF: A Sandwich I'd Like to Fondle

Skirmisher for Sylvester Stallone May Just Be Not So Manly After All

Holy Cuteness for Puppy has the Hiccups

Crabby Blogging Lady for Proof That The Public School System Is A Huge Success

Amy Oops EntrecardAmy Oops for Special Ring of Hell charts
Marriage Fail
More Men Bashing


  1. Great list, all deserving of a high-five!

  2. Awwww Girlllll,,,
    Thank Ya Thank Ya Thank YA !
    You made our friday.

    so what's your opinion on that mystery math ?

  3. Fun! off to explore the links!

  4. Ausetkmt - You're welcome! I don't do math since I'm no longer tested on it. But I wasn't planning on getting rich from it anyway.

  5. Many thanks for reading my post and mentioning it! I always look forward to your High Fives. :)

  6. Thanks for the links. The post from the "Crabby Blogging Lady" had some really funny newspaper headlines and snippets.


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