Thursday, November 13, 2014


a. JFC! I cannot wait 4 allergy season to be OVAH! For at least the past 1.5 months, I can't hordly see! At first I assumed it was cuz I broke my 60' TV & had to go back 2 the smaller 42' Television. I also KNOW I need new glasses since these are at least 2 years old & in recent months I've had to lift my glasses (or give Patent Pending "Omah side eye") to be able to see smaller writing. I REFUSE TO GET BIFOCALS unless my vision insurance pays for the MAJORITY of it! 

But I kept forgetting that I kept waking up with eye muc- fuck it, I tried to be adult about it and use the proper word, but that ain't no fun! - eye boogers so I got some allergy eyes EYE drops (it lasts for 12 hrs) but unless I actually SEE the mucus, I forget to use them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day!

I already started 1 post from this phone, but when I took a break to eat dinner, I clicked to save & 4.5 hours l8r it ain't done saving.

Entyway, I'm watching "Evil Twins" now & I'm wondering, since both boys grew up 2 be serial killers and they're supposed to be 'identical', why weren't they BOTH bi-sexual?

Jesus it is SO HOT on here that even tho I is nekkid, I is burning up. In 5 seconds I will be freezing again. It's been 74 degrees in here ALL DAY but I only stopped shivering about ten mins ago.

Whatevur, gonna watch "Benched" now.

TTYL. Luv you, mean it!

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Devil's Vinyl

Watching Constantine right now, which is similar to the movie with some Supernatural & Doctor Who thrown in the mix."

Entyway, first Constantine's house is like a TARDIS (bigger on the inside,) then he has some psychic paper.  (Are U Whovians awake now?)

Then some Blues singer (wake up SPNers) sells his soul to a Crossroad Demon but he dies B4 his 10 years, so Conny (Constantine's nickname from  now on) HAS 2 see why the demon is "collecting his chits" early.

Which brings us to Papa Midnight (who is evil in this incarnation of the story but coincidentally played the dude who killed Sam on that 1 episode of Supernatural.)

Now I will continue watching so I don't have to get out of bed OR try to remember urrythang later.


Wait 4 me. . .


Just like on SPN, when devilish shit goes down, it is freezing and NOT burning.

Dumbass demons were TOLD not to touch the record with bare hands, but did Chunky Duff Goldman demon listen?

Time to FFWD.  BRB.

Conny's character is similar to my CBFIMH (Celebrity Boyfriend In My Head) the CHARACTER of Dean Winchester, not Jensen Ackles. I ain't not never had the pleasure of meeting  him, except in my X-rated dreams. Haven't had one of those in a while. FIX THAT TONIGHT, God. Thanks in advance!  😜

Maybe it's not Sam's killer? All colored people look alike to me.

Anywhoo, I didn't watch Constantine on Friday bcuz that was Doctor Who marathon day? ICRS so who knows what I did Friday except pick up my meds.

Buh bye now. Gotta publish this tonight.

Love y'all! Mean it.


Random crap

1. I learned from watching Dr Oz that the reason I get so many damned bruises is bcuz of the blood thinner I take.

2. I am too lazy to paint my danged fingernails.

3. It took at least 15 minutes for the water from my tap to heat up.

4. I am itching for no reason unless it's because I haven't moisturized my newly cleansed skin.  I reckon I will do that raht now.


Luv you, faithful readers. Sleep tight iffin you are able.


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